Welcome to the tldraw developer docs.

Here at tldraw, we make two things: a very good multiplayer whiteboard (at tldraw.com), and the open source library that powers it. This page provides documentation and reference for that open source library.

import { Tldraw } from '@tldraw/tldraw'
import '@tldraw/tldraw/tldraw.css'

export default function () {
	return (
		<div style={{ position: 'fixed', inset: 0 }}>
			<Tldraw />

You can use the <Tldraw> React component to build on top of the default tldraw experience. It's easy to use and easy to extend with your own custom shapes, custom tools, and user interface overrides.

You can also use the Editor API to create, update, and delete shapes, control the camera, or do just about anything else.

If you want to go even deeper, you can use the <TldrawEditor> component as a more minimal engine without the default tldraw shapes or user interface.

Best of all, you can easily plug tldraw into the collaboration backend of your choice.

Otherwise, continue on to the installation and usage guides.


Found a bug or want to request a feature? Create an issue here. To connect with the team and other users, join us on our Discord.

If you spot an issue with these docs, please use the links at the bottom of each page to suggest a change.


Our open source libraries are licensed and distributed under Apache-2.0.

Our plan is to keep these libraries permissively licensed while we develop a commercial offering for teams who want more from tldraw. If you're planning to use use tldraw in a commercial product, please reach out at hello@tldraw.com.

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Last edited on 22 March 2023